Biodegradable in Malaysia
An additive that makes plastic products fully biodegradable and compostable. When no less than 1% weight load of additive is added into the melting phase of the resins. Plastics products made with ECM additives when disposed into the landfill will attract colonies of hungry microbes, thus allowing microbes to break through the long polymer chain of the treated products. This process continues until all the plastic is fully biodegraded.

ECM Biodegradation

*Biodegradable on land, in land, in water

*Biodegradable in landfills, as litter and backyard compost

*100% recyclable at anytime
*100% recyclable at anytime

*compatible with the recycle stream
*no special storage conditions required

*shelf life is indefinite

*do not biodegrade when expose to heat, light or external stress during storage, shipping and handling

*biodegradation begins only at the time of disposal

*biodegradation takes place in both aerobically and anaerobically

*biodegradation can also takes place with or without the presence of light in landfills

*do not fragment during degradation

*all original physical properties remain unchanged
*processed with conventional equipment with no special settings required

*minimium of 1% loading for PE, PP, PS, PET
*no heavy metal, ecologically safe

*biodegraded plastics will return to environment not as small particles but as biomass and humus